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Bubble shell using blister process will be transparent plastic plate made specific...[+More]
The tray blister-aluminium process will plastic plate made specific groove of...[+More]
Flocking inside bracket with special material blister tray, the ordinary plastic...[+More]
Antistatic tray with special material suck plastic trays, this material surface...[+More]
Ruffled blister packaging is a kind of call card packaging, need will bubble shell...[+More]
Blister-aluminium mould blister-aluminium mould production, the cost is the lowest...[+More]
Vacuum forming is we often speak blister, using suction plastic molding machine...[+More]
Blister cutting vacuum forming after the plastic product, after press, will be a...[+More]

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Add:No.47 Swan road Industrial Park, Li Wu village, Qiao Tou Town, Dong Guan ,China.
Contact:Mr. Qin(General manager)

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DongGuan RuiYing Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.We are Hong Kong enterprise, found in year 2010 with more than 4500 square meters site. Full of experience in blister production using PVC, PET, PS, PP, PETG, and BOPS material with up-to-date and professional technology and equipment. Running with scientific management system. Providing professional packing design and service for medical filed, and food, electronic, and cosmetic industries.
We are proud of our company name " Rui Ying " which has been deeply imprinted in our heart as the spirit of each company member. ...[+More]